NC Amendments to the 2017 NEC Book Front Cover

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Are you doing it right? Are you sure?? Maybe not in NC!

Why You Need This Book:
  • Save your company money by not doing what you dont have to!
    -Almost all the NC amendments relax the code rather than tighten it!
  • Save yourself some time by doing things right! (The NC Way)
    -Do you know the techniques that save everyone time & money?
  • This publication covers all 43 NC state-specific NEC amendments with images and additional explanation from experts.
  • Use this to ensure that your NC electrical work passes inspection the first time.
  • Do you know all the NC special allowances on AFCI and GFCI protection?
  • Do you know the Available Fault Current at your service & how NC revised the rules on it?
  • Did you know that you can upgrade a meter without changing the cable to the service panel?
  • Also includes multiple choice Q & A on each amendment and an answer sheet to turn in for 4 hours of continuing education credit towards renewing your NC electrical license!
  • Exclusively available here, only at!