Thank you, it's as if it's almost too good to be true!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH

Jennifer M.

This is without a doubt the best renewal course i have ever taken. I would recommend all electrical contractors try this for there self and i am sure they will be very pleased just as i was. Very pleased and will try it again. Thank you for such a great product and service.

Donnie C.

This system is truly better than any other systems I have used in the past 15 years. Spectacular job. The subject matter that was presented covered the questions without use of any other outside information.

Jeffrey W.

My first time with your company,and I will only use this company in the future. I will tell all my co-workers and anyone that will listen! Thank you.

John R.

This was the most well organized, easy to understand and simplest navigation online course I've had the pleasure to take. Thank you for providing an excellent service.

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Process was quick and easy, best price overall. Will definitely use for next renewal. Thank You!

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Excellent! Easy to access, and very user friendly.

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Overall these courses have been awesome! I have been telling everyone i know to go to your site. Good job!"

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Great product!! I will be using for the next go around!!!

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It was a perfect course to learn and make mistakes and help you out with things. It was an over all perfect place to take this course and ill be back every single time for this.

Christopher T.

Electrical CE course, informative, easy to navigate, great customer service.

Ric H.

I found the site easy to use and much more accommodating than setting in a 15 hour classroom session to update my License here in Vermont. I can do it after work and family hours, in my free time. The site is great.

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I really appreciate all your attention to my concerns and look forward to be a loyal client. I have the ability to clearly identified when someone is committed to customer service, and that is you.

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Great system, helped me jog through the cobwebs in my brain!

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Superb option to classroom time, fit my schedule much better.

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VERY GOOD study session as well license renewal process -- 5 STARS!

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Extremely helpful and easy to use. This the place for pdu classes I've already shared it with colleagues of mine

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Easy to use.

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I thought that the course was well versed and covered a lot of the NEC code. I felt that I was taking my test over for my license not just continuing education. I will recommend your site to others.


Quick and usefull good value

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The courses have been good for fulfilling my licensing requirements, and for reviewing information pertinent to my job.


Easy to get the course on line and avoid travel and all the associated costs. You can sign in as you get the time and do the work. I was very pleased, the course was easy to acess and use. It saved me a lot of time travel and expense.

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The way its layed out is very Informative.And easy to Comprehend. Very pleased. Had to contact customer service one time and they were very Helpful.


I was pleased with the overall ease and use of the course.

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I took the Colorado version and the format is excellent.

Daniel P.

Educational. Your layout was a little different than the other 10 CE I have taken. In that the time timing is a little different and the other courses would make you stay on pages which I don't really care for. I did like the fact that I actually learned a few things that I did not know before. All other courses I ever taken we're not nearly as educational and were really just a waste of time

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CE made easy.

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Well pleased eazy to work with

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I really enjoy this product.

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I have done similar on line courses. I liked the updated contents.

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