How it works

Make an Account (FREE)

Making an account here is very, VERY simple. There is only 2 things we need to get started, your name and your email. After that it's 100% FREE to start, try, and even finish whole state-approved CE courses! Of course you can always fill out your profile too if you want to partake in the fun and games.

Start a CE Course (FREE)

As always every course is free to try and requires no payments or card numbers or any contractual concepts at all. None. We believe you should get to sample everything and if you find something, you finish it, and you want us to notify the board then simply pay for it. That seems fair to us!


Finish and Pay for Course

This part is the part where you pay for your course and it goes from just an enjoyable free course to one where we notify the board of your time dedicated and multitude of achievements. Many times there is a package discount for multiple courses or completing all of your renewal hours with us.

Board Notified ASAP

To remove the lock on your license registration for renewal, we either call in, email out, fax over, or digitally submit via a website interface your completion records to the board or boards you are licensed in or need reciprocation to.


You Renew Your License

After all of the courses you need for license renewal this period have been completed and the license lock has been removed, now is when you simply renew your license. This happens on the board's website via a form or sometimes in print, generally with a board-required fee, and your license is renewed.

Off You Go!

Sometimes learning is a joy, sometimes its a chore, but either way it takes time away from your life and family and friends. You have now completed what is required of you to keep your license and you working, and so now once more you can relax. Enjoy yourself!

Get in touch

We are happy to help you with your electrical license renewal, just use the form below and we will be in touch with you ASAP. We’re available from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET to take your call, but sometimes we are in a meeting and email is faster because there is more people staffing this area. An assistance request is best handled through this form.