Start by going fast and diving in! It's all 100% FREE to start, try, and even finish whole state-approved CE courses so there should be no hangups. Register for CE Courses here and enter your name and email to make an account. After that select a course and you are on your way to a renewed license!
Our courses are available 24/7 365. Anytime you want to pop in and do some work or tend to your account, it will be there waiting for you.
If you fail the course you can simply restart it for free. Only your answers will be reset, all of your time accrued and achievements will be preserved.
Try to clear your temporary internet files and log out and then sign back into our website. Did that help fix it? If not send us a message and we can help you on the backend. There is more timers than just what is on the screen, sometimes that one messes up.
No. The courses are saved after every answer submitted, after every page view, and several times in between. If you want to log on for 1 minute or 8 hours it all works the same. Life is full of interruptions and who really knows how much time they will have to take a course in any one sitting.
After you complete all of the answers and have met any time requirements it might have, the course will move to payment status. Then you can follow it through to payment or wait until you have finished all of your courses and then pay.
We accept credit cards and debit cards online or you can mail in your payment. Only card payments get an immediate process date, instant printable certificate (also available for download anytime in your account) and downloadable stored receipt.
After payment we either call in, email out, fax over, or digitally submit via a website interface your completion records to the board or boards you are licensed in or need reciprocation to.

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