NEC 2020 Code Changes Update Top 50 - 8Hrs

Approved by the California Department of Industrial Relations for California Electricians License Renewal.

Yes! We are approved by the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), the electrical board, to offer these accredited electrical continuing education courses for electrical license renewal. Courses are good for all license types: General Electrician License Renewal, Residential Electrician License Renewal, Certified General Contractor License Renewal, Certified General Electrician License Renewal, Fire Life Safety License Renewal, Voice Data Video License Renewal, Lighting Technician License Renewal, C-10 Contractor License Renewal, and More!

Electrical Course Name Credit Hours Credit Type Course Number Course Availability Course Price
NEC 2020 Code Changes Update Top 50 - 8Hrs8.0 NEC N/A 2/1/2020

This California Electrical Continuing Education License Renewal Course reviews the most important updated 2020 NEC Changes in detail. This course will earn you 8 hours of electrical continuing education of credit type NEC for your electrical license renewal in California. In this course we will review the top 50 sections of the most important National Electrical Code Changes in 2020; From Article 100 to Chapter 7 is covered.
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