Approved Courses for Mississippi Alarm License Renewal

Approved by Mississippi State Fire Marshal's Office

Mississippi Alarm Systems Continuing Education:

To renew your Mississippi Alarm Systems license: The Mississippi State Fire Marshal's Office requires that you complete 12 hours of continuing education.
The renewal deadline in Mississippi is the date the license was issued, every year.

Yes! We Are Approved by the Mississippi State Fire Marshal's Office for Mississippi Alarm Technicians' License Renewal.

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MS State Board Notification Procedure:
When you pay for the course, a certificate becomes immediately available to you. You can get it from your account instantly, we send it to your email address immediately, and if you opt for it- various printed versions are also available through the mail. The Mississippi State Fire Marshal's Office wants you to include your certificate of completion along with their license renewal form.
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Mississippi Alarm Systems License Renewal Information
(Information is reliable but not guaranteed.
Confirm with your state board.)
License Renewal Requirements: 12 hours of continuing education.
Board Contact Information: Mississippi State Fire Marshal's Office
PO Box 79
Jackson, MS
Phone: (888) 648-0877
Fax: (601) 359-1076
License Renewal Deadlines: The date the license was issued, every year.
Board Website Link: State Fire Marshal - Residential Electronic Protection Systems
License Status / Renewal Credits: On Board's Website
License Renewal Form: On Board's Website
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